Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Piece Of Us: Christmas '05

Our second Christmas together. Ralphie and my hair are both much bigger (compare to Christmas '04)

Also, two things:

> Thanks for the suggestions for Tricia. Still waiting for her strength to return so that she can focus her eyes and use her hands for communication.

> As a word of caution...I see some of you have posted your personal email and/or phone numbers in comments. Please, be very careful with posting your personal info anywhere on the internet. It's not something I would recommend.



Andy Lawrenson said...

How was your nap boy?
I hear we are going to have a large contingency of Lawrensons and Kirschners stopping by "the hole" this weekend.

Gwyneth's Great Uncle Andy

Anonymous said...

You are concerned about the people who post on your blog. I am so glad you addressed this.

People listing their address and stuff on the internet can be very dangerous and while this is a good good place some people take advantage of good places.

Woke up ... from a little nap no new blog. refresh after seeing no new blog and voila new blog.

Farrah said...

I'm new to leaving comments... But since I was only the second one on this post I thought I would give it a shot.

I was lead to your blog through the blog world of adoption..and I'm so inspired by god's work in your life that I now know he is truely amazing..

I pray dailey for your wife and little girl and I know one day soon, You all will be home again just like One big happy family!!

And your little puggy...We have one two, Her name is Chloe and she is 3 months old.
I will continue to pray and follow along on this amazing journey!

Great big (((((((HUGS))))))) to your family

Anonymous said...

I have been glued to your blog for about 3 days now.....that is how many days I have known about it. There are soooo many people praying for you and your lovely family!!! GOD is working in all our lives right now and he knows what is best. That is for your precious Tricia and adorable Gwenyth to get better. I am praying for you each and every day.

God Bless you and all of your family!!!

Susan :)

Emily said...

I continue to love the blog. :)
I hope Tricia wakes up more fully for you tomorrow and that you find a way to communicate! I tried the white board, too, but no one knew what I was writing--they didn't tell me that, though, since they didn't want to upset me. I know Sign Language, so my hands were constantly going (even if no one knew what I was saying!).
Sometimes just being there, holding hands and touching each other is enough. :)

Laura said...

Hi Nate,

I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know how thankful I am that I found your blog. Your and Tricia's faith in God is a testimony to each and every person who visits your blog. Just since yesterday the Facebook group dedicated to your family gained 400 new members! God truly is using your family to glorify Him...I'm sure you know that!

Yesterday I was glued to my computer for hours, unable to stop reading...what an amazing story. Little Gwyneth is so fortunate to have you and Tricia as Mom and Dad--I hope God grants you many happy years together.


Anonymous said...

So is almost like Tricia made those comments for us to get a glimpse into your lives. When I look back at our videos, we don't dialog that if we're explaining to someone about our lives. It is just really really cool that you are sharing it with us.
Oh, and ummmm, glad you cut your hair. Did you have a cold or something? You're all deep quiet voice in that video. Funny!
Tricia is infectious. She is an absolute doll. I wish I could know her in "real" life! I am sure all who meet her instantly want to be her friend.
Thanks again...I am sure seeign the videos is somewhat hard for you and makes you even more anxious for her to talk with you!

Anonymous said...

Tonight I'd like to send a special prayer to the medical staff at Duke...
May God bless them with the compassion and wisdom to care for both Tricia and Gwyneth and the ability to comfort these lovely ladies' family members who have come to support Nathan during this stressful time. Amen.

Julie said...

Nate - you sorta looked like a homeless guy in that video - glad you got rid of the long hair! All joking aside - it's so neat to get to "meet" you and your family through this blog, and it still amazes me how one little tiny beautiful baby girl could bring so many strangers together to praise and worship God together!
Looking forward to reading good news tomorrow. Get some rest so you can be strong for your girls!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

I have been reading your blog since right before your precious baby was born, I have not commented up till now because I am pretty swamped with my own situation (parents have cancer, dividing my time between two cities 300 miles apart) but I wish I could transport myself to your hospital and help you understand your sweet wife. See I am hard of hearing and I lip read at 98%, which is better than most people with normal hearing hear. If you have any friends who are hard of hearing or deaf, ask them to come tell you what Tricia is saying, I bet they will be able to tell you exactly what she says! Otherwise all I can offer you is my prayers! Hang in there!

CJolly said...

You never told us Tricia met Forrest Gump!

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for another video that gives us a glimpse into your lives. I love watching them! :) Tricia is such a sweet, fun-loving person!

Anonymous said...

I love watching your videos...Tricia is such a delight...and I have to agree with the general consensus. I like your hair better now. :-P Still praying for you three.

Angela in central Ohio.