Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Blessing

I've written about the philosophy of the song below several times. This is perhaps my favorite song that we sing at our church back home.

I pray that this might be what others will say about our story when it is all said and done.

The Blessing
John Waller & Troy Denning

Let it be said of us while we walked among the living
Let it be said of us by the ones we leave behind

Let it be said of us that we lived to be a blessing for life

And, let it be said of us that we gave to reach the dying

Let it be said of us by the fruit we leave behind

Let it be said of us that our legacy is blessing for life

This day
You set life, You set death right before us
This day

Ev'ry blessing and curse is a choice now

And we will choose to be a blessing for life

Let it be said of us that our hearts belonged to Jesus

Let it be said of us that we spoke the words of life

Let it be said of us that our heritage is blessing for life

This day
You set life, You set death right before us
This day

Ev'ry blessing and curse is a choice now
And we will choose to be a blessing for life

'Cause blessings and curses are choices

Will we build up, tear down

The moment of truth is now

This day
You set life, You set death right before us
This day

Ev'ry blessing and curse is a choice now

And we will choose to be a blessing for life

For Your kingdom
For our children

For the sake of ev'ry nation

We will choose to be a blessing for life



Unknown said...

That's very sweet... :-)

Jane said...

you've been a blessing here!

Unknown said...

you ARE a blessing!

pam said...

I LOVE that song, haven't heard it in a while. Good encouragement this morning. Thanks. Thankful for His presence in your lifes. Praying refreshing grace today.

I Speak Refugee, Let's Chat! said...

What a beautiful gift this Sunday

Carmen said...

Beautiful song and picture... :)

nicole said...

I had never heard of the song or the singer before...I just listened to it and looked at John Waller's myspace and noticed he is playing in Raleigh tonight. I'm assuming you know this already, but wanted to post a comment about it just in case you or any other readers didn't know. Thanks for sharing.

Em said...

What a nice way to begin a Sunday. Love the picture of the 3 of you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, and I like the philosophy behind them- God so richly blesses us, let us be a blessing to others.

Sheryl said...

Love that song! And it already is said of you.

Tammy C said...

Beautiful picture of your little blessing.

Have agood day despite the cold and rainy weather.

Q's NEWS said...

There is no doubt in my mind that your family will be the epitome of that song, once everything is as it should be. I fully expect to see you and your family on Oprah one day, making everyone aware of CF and giving them hope by hearing your story and meeting Tricia and Gwyneth. I totally believe that you guys are the poster family for CF and give others so much hope while witnessing the entire time. You are such an inspiration to me especially if I am fretting and worrying about something so trivial comparitively. Your words and Tricia's strength have opened my eyes to so much.

Now, on a lighter note, I finally got to view your "haircut" video and....there are no words. Your "cheerleader facials" coupled with that oh so groovy elevator music left me speechless. Love the haircut, and I think that Gwenyth looks just like you now!

Much love to all 3 of you from WV,

Q's NEWS said...

PS I have noticed that you sometimes delete comments so if you ever feel the need to delete mine, please let me know why so I don't do whatever it is again.

Joshua & Jacob said...

What a beautiful song!
Very fitting.

I smiled when I read your post. Just the other day, I was going to email you and ask you to post your favorite praise and worship songs!

You are such an inspiration to so many people. I, as I am sure many others, would LOVE to HEAR more of what inspires YOU.

So, in your spare time . . . jot down your top 10 praise and worship songs. And, in turn, people can comment on THEIR favorite praise and worship songs.

At the end of the day, you will have a lot of people Praising and Worshiping . . . and that is what it's really all about.

Looking forward to your list!

Thank you for inspiring us each and every day.


Joshua & Jacob said...
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marcia said...

Your story is still being written, and all three of you, and your extended families, are already blessing thousands of people each and every day...and the end results will be eternal! Thank you for living your life and your faith in such a public way "for such a time as this."

tmd said...

The first time I heard that song I had to get the CD. Thanks for sharing. You are all a blessing in my life.

Marsmile said...

Sweet, nice song and beautiful photo!

Thanks for sharing. The song is new to me and does have a lot of meaning to it! I think I understand your point here. This blog, Gwyn, you, Tricia, others... through challenges (CF, prematurity, etc.), are definitely blessings and blessed to have faith, support, and many more, especially God, to sustain you all. :-)

Have a blessed day and week!
Marissa :-)

Rose Casell said...

In regards to the post below, perhaps you've mentioned this and I've missed it, but can you have nurses "screen" your visitors for you? Or be on a "no-visitor" list, so the information desk can't give your info out?

lisa said...

SS lesson today was about Abraham. He was blessed and instead of absorbing his blessings like a sponge he sent them on to his children like a hose. You and your blog blesses like a sprinkler!

Edwards gang said...

We also love that song! Thanks for sharing the lyrics and the beautiful family photo! It is truly a blessing to be able to know you and follow along on your journey.

Hope you 3 will have a restful, healing Lord's Day. We'll continue to pray!

The Edwards family
P.S. Yes, it's written down this time!! :)

Anonymous said...

Amen! HE has blessed you and you in turn are a blessing to others

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

That was so gorgeous...

kjames106 said...

Love this! I had to look it up on itunes right away! Will pass along to our worship team! ALSO, I EMAILED YOU. I DON'T WANT IT TO BE CONSIDERED SPAM, SO HOPE YOU GET THIS MESSAGE!!

Unknown said...

I love that song, and that picture too.

Krystal said...

You are definitely a blessing! I love this song - it moved me to adopt again :)

Jen Wilson said...

I play on a worship team at my church. I just emailed my worship leader this song in hopes that he'll choose to do it because I LOVE the words and the message it sends. It makes on think of what he/she is actually supposed to be here for.

Thanks Nate!

Catherine said...

I think of you guys whenever I hear this song. They play it a lot on Klove.