Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Being A Daddy

In honor of This Post and the hundreds of mothers who have already participated (yes, hundreds, because I just got through searching for and reading most of them...), here are ten things I already love about being a daddy.

1) Referring to Tricia as "her (Gwyneth's) mother"

2) Hearing other people refer to my dad as "grandfather" (HAHA...you're old!)

3) Falling in love again (read this post)

4) Telling her all about her mother

5) Telling her mother all about her

6) Sharing pictures with anyone who will look

7) Just staring

8) Falling asleep with her in my arms (I've nearly done this several times)

9) Singing to her

10) Praying for her with my hand on her back and my head on the isolette