Monday, March 10, 2008

"For Tricia"

I think This is really kind.

All you blogging moms out there, feel free to join in. It's going to be very fun for Tricia and I to read these.



Staci said...

That brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't expecting that. I'm off to type my own list on my blog (per her recommendation!) then anxiously wait for my baby girl to wake from her nap so I can cover her hugs and kisses.

JonesFam4 said...

I'll work on this. I've thought this kind of thought recently, when completely frustrated with either of my kids. Perspective, long sought after, ever elusive.

Anonymous said...

I am off to do my list for Tricia! And an added bonus just for you Nate!

Mountainmom said...

My wishes for you:

Blowing bubbles in the yard and having sticky bubble liquid run all down your arm.

Picking out Gwyneth's first pair of walking shoes.

Covering her several times over with sunscreen on her first summer day at the beach. Buying lots of hats for the same.

Attending toddler time at the public library.

Dressing her in "My First Christmas" gear.

Watching her crawl across the living room in hot pursuit of the cat.

Reading "Goodnight Moon" a dozen times over before bedtime.

Lori in VA

Haley said...

Mine's up, I loved reading all the others so far!

Michelle said...

I did it! This was really hard to do... Not because I'm sad for Tricia (because I'm not, she is going to have her own list soon), and not because I couldn't think of anything, but because so many memories came flooding back and it made my heart so heavy and so full!!!! I need a good cry!!

Anna Marie said...

I don't have a blog, but I have some additions to that list:

I can't wait:

for you to take your first shower in three days, only to have the baby throw up on your clean shirt.

for the shrieks of laughter when you lift her up in the air to play superman.

for the puddles of water in the bathroom when she discovers how to splash in the tub.

You two have so much to look forward to!

Wilmington, NC

Charissa said...

My list is posted's not a very long list because my son is only 7 1/2 months so I'm still going through the process! I can't wait until we get to read Tricia's list!

Heather said...

Many blessings!

Anonymous said...

My wishes for you:
(FYI I have a 6 month old boy)

- Laying on the couch watching tv as she naps on your chest.

-sitting them on your lap and them looking up at you so innocently.

-Trying to change a dirty diaper as she squirms and puts her hands down there and...ugh the mess.

-feeding her solids and her blowing raspberrys, you wonder how much got on you and how much she actually ate.

-Going into her room in the morning and she instantly has a smile when she sees you.

-That first giggle, and all the ones after that. You will never hear a sweeter sound.

-That first time she says "I love Jesus".

-Singing praise songs to her as lullibies and them putting her to sleep.

-Holding her at the keyboard and taking 20 minutes to form a sentence because she HAS to pound on the keyboard! (happening right now!)

Test said...

I've posted mine on my personal blog:

I think of Trisha often when I am taking care of my kids and I don't want to be ;-)

Enjoy all the mommy blogger lists that will no doubt come!

martha said...

My list could go on and on forever. Praying for you guys...

Staci said...

Here is my list... Posted on my blog.

melissa said...

For You Nate...When Gwyneth is sitting on your lap and says " Daddy i gotta go potty " and you tell her to hold on one minutes and she pees on your lap.!!

For you Tricia...When Gwyneth says "Mommy why do you have to wear that bandaid in your panties, thats not where they go"

The Beaver Bunch said...

My list is up. I hope you all enjoy reading ALL of the lists. The most exciting part will be, as I'm sure you already know, the special little things that you guys make up as she grows older. My oldest and I have a secret handshake and I think it's the coolest thing ever. Still praying for you all...

C said...

I have 5 1/2 month old baby boy. I do think of how I should not get frustrated and how I should be thankful to each moment, frustrating or happy, with my son. I tend to complain, but your situation has humbled me to have a better attitude. I lost my first baby to miscarriage, and that is a big reminder of how blessed I am to have my son here with me as well. Here are a few things I can't wait for you both to experience with you baby girl:

- changing her diaper only to have her pee/poop immediately and leak onto her clothes
-the look in her eyes as you feed her bottle to her
-the way she responds when you pick her up when she is upset(only mommy or daddy will do sometimes)
-the excitement in her eyes when she sees you coming to pick her up out of her crib
-the sour face she will make after her first bite of spoon fed food

Sheila said...

Here is my list for Tricia.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Nana2Six said...

I posted the "I can't wait" list to my blog...

What a wonderful idea!

momofthree said...

(Mom of a 6 year old girl, 4 year old boy, and 20 weeks along with #3) Yes, these all happened...

Finding your budding chef in the kitchen swirling around a dozen cracked eggs on the hardwood floor

Relaxing for a minute of solitude in the bath when Gwyneth shows up with a fishing pole

Finding out she took the initiative to help with chores...she put an entire dishwasher full of DIRTY dishes away, and loaded ALL the CLEAN folded clothes from her drawers into the washing machine.

Singing her favorite lullaby and rocking her to sleep at night

And my most favorite...the moment she stops crying when YOU pick her up!

Anonymous said...

I posted some on my site, I think this is a fantastic idea!!! I hope Tricia gets to enjoy these in the not so distant future and for years to come!!!

The Townleys said...

I can't participate, yet. We're 2 days past our due date. But Tricia, I'm enjoying anticipating these moments along with you. One day soon we'll look back on this and think "Where did that time go?"

Holloway Clan said...

Here is my list:

- the first time your little one bows their head in prayer

- the magical power kisses have to make booboos feel all better

- the careful way they pick Cheerios up with their thumb and pointer finger

- the irresistable pull of puddles

- the automatic instinct to cup your hands and catch whatever comes out when they gag

- the sweet smell of their fuzzy heads after a bath

- thinking you will seriously go mad if you are asked WHY? one more time

- the fascination and delight in their eyes at the simplest things you've forgotten were amazing, like bubbles

- reading a story for the millionth time

- sneaking into their room before you go to bed and watching them sleep - it never gets old!

The rest of the blog for you to read is at

Praying for you and Gwyneth!

knuts2knit said...

My wish is for you to sit on the couch for hours while she sleeps on your chest. . smelling her fuzzy little head and never wanting it to end. . even though you lost feeling in your arm 45 minutes ago and you have a huge crick in your neck. . .nothing would make you move for fear of disturbing her. :) Aaaah. . . Best wishes and prayers to you all- Ellen in Ohio

Samantha C. said...

I am going to take this from a preemie perspective and the things I wish for you both in the path to get her home.

For Tricia to hold her for the first time without gloves and a mask.(Also to see Nates face as she does).

To feed her, her first bottle and the pride you feel as she takes more and more bottles.

Prodly bringing her clothes as she readys to hold her own temp.

Being able to hold her for as long as you want b/c she can keep her own temp.

Giving her a bath and wondering if you are doing it fast enough so she doesn't get cold.

Taking Gwyneth HOME and Tricia telling Nate to slow down when he is only going 15 mph!!! :)

Taking her back to the NICU reunion and gloating about how she now weighs 15lbs!

I wish all of this for you and more and I feel blessed that you have allowed us to be part of the journey.

Oliver'sMom said...

Here's ours!

Bobbie said...

I did it. It was fun lol.

Here is the link to the blog that I did it in.

cmziall said...

I don't have a blog and I didn't read all the others so sorry for repeats ;-)

- EBM's (Explosive bowel movements. You just put a nice cute outfit on and then BAM, yellow "dijon mustard" poop up the back requiring a whole outfit change!

- Snuggling with her under the covers in bed and not wanting to ever get up because her chubby cheeks smashed into the mattress are irresitibly kissable.

- Swinging in the park (or backyard) for hours because she just isn't ready to go in yet.

- Wanting to do everything you do, painting fingers and toes, putting on make-up.

- Hearing her say "Lub you mom" (this is my new favorite of my 22-month old)

- Your first ER visit when she's running in the yard or park and slices her forearm open like a filet (yes, this happened to me)

- Buying her first Easter and Christmas dress.

- Picnics in the park

- Watching her "run" to join the rest of the family for prayers with hands folded ready to go (my 22-month old is sooooo cute right now!)

- Finger painting with her poop (YUCK, I know you're saying whaaaat?, but yes, it's happened to me with a couple of our children)

- Watching her do her best at "cutting a rug" or putting on a "play" that she has created on her own.

- Tucking her into bed at night, saying bed time prayers and kissing her little cheek to tell her how much you love her.

Tricia, I pray for you every day. My prayer for you is that you get to enjoy watching your little girl grow up and for her to say "Lub you mommy".

God Bless,
Michelle in MO

Lee said...

My list is up!!!!

John & Michelle said...

I so wish I could participate in this one! I am not a mom yet. We are waiting for our baby girl from China (Saturday was officially 1 year)!

The one thing I know for sure is that being a mom will be so much fun! I am excited about every detail, even the shooting snots and the exploding diapers! Each little thing will provide us with memories to last a lifetime and I can hardly wait for it to begin!!!


megasam said...

I don't have a blog. But I couldn't resist this one.

When you walk into her room in the morning to find her happily painting her crib with the poop from her diaper.

That is a moment I will never forget and a mess that I will never forget having to clean up. But boy was she having fun. YUCK!!!!!

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

How neat! :)

~*~Bre~*~ said...

I posted a "For Tricia" list on my blog. Hope you enjoy it!!


mom2LEAA said...

I don't have a blog, so I'll leave a short list here.
-the first time you fall asleep and wake up with your baby on your chest
-the first time you put her down on her back/stomache and find her flipped over when you go to get her up
-the first time you feed her ceral, the same spoonful for five minutes!
-the first time she sleeps through the night and you wake up in the morning and realize you didn't get up that night
-baby giggles, they are the best
- when your eyes connect and you just know what pure love is
-when you see your precious girl thriving, despite all medical odds and know that she is a MIRACLE from God
I wish you all these blessings and more

Cindy, mother to Lindsey, Emily, Andrew and Abigail, each miracles in thier own way.

debangel said...

I have my post up now, too...for some reason the link isn't pasting fully, so look for "Here's To You, Pattysue"

Donna said...

I forgot Ralphie! I'll have to send some special food for him, too. He looks like a love:)

Em said...

here's a weird one......actually missing the smell of formula all over me. Everyone one of my boys constantly kept me supplied with the wonderful smell of Similac or Enfamil. Like I said its a weird one, but I do miss it.

miamore said...

I have a list for Tricia here

Alist of things she has to look forward to and things we both have to look forward to.

:-) Mia & Aria

MaMeex5 said...

I did my list on my wordpress page What a wonderful idea I am glad I got to participate

the VanKoevering's said...

I've posted my list

thanks for giving me the need to remember all the fun, and funny things that are so easily forgotten!!

Amanda said...

Mine are here

Mary said...

I'm trying to upload pictures that go with my post to Tricia, but I'm having some difficulty. For now, here's the post....

Mary (and Tori)

Julie Nickerson said...

I can't wait for you to experience bath time with Gwyneth. Abel love his bath. It is one of my most favorite things to watch him in the bath tub...kicking and grinning and splashing around.

Other fun highlights:
-toothless smiles
-toots while rolling over
-reaching for you
-poop in the tub
-clapping and smiling when she sees you walk in the door
-dancing with her
-pooping again while in middle of a diaper change :)

Stacemoe said...

Sitting here crying in Dallas as I read these!!! My daughter will be 12 this year and it all goes by so quickly. Now that mine is too old to want to really snuggle and gets embarrassed when Mommy hugs and kisses all over her...the best part now is crawling into bed with her when she is alseep and praying over her with my hand on her stomach feeling her breathe and her sweet breath on my cheek. said...

Cool Idea. It is great to hear what other mamas have to say. (-: I don't have much to say yet my baby is still little but I thought I would just share. (-: I hope you enjoy. Being a mommy is just soooooo much fun. (-: Well anyway here is my blog.

Zarna said...

I just read the pooping in the middle of a nappy change and I remembered 2 more:

The first time you change her nappy (sorry diaper) and every time you go near her with the wipe in your hand she poos and it's not just poo, like a poo fountain covering a good 2 inches in the air before it hits the change mat, while your screaming and your husband is laughing


The first time she farts with follow through... while your husband is changing her wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and it hits him in the bare chest!!!

allison said...

Totally just finished my list...not comprehensive, but wonderful!

Avery & Hailey said...

here are mine..

My little girl was a preemie and I have dear friends that lost their precious baby girl and I try so hard everyday to remember the blessing that is my daughter. It's hard though...parenthood can throw you some curveballs!


Shana said...

My wishes for you, Tricia:

*Sitting in your house for the first time with JUST the three of you....and your dog & cat, of course.

*Having her kiss Meka on the mouth and then laugh with delight...and do it again!

*Finding her eating cat food and then not be able to get the smell of it out of her mouth for a long time.

*Having her sleep through the night...and then missing having to go get her.

*Realizing that at certain moments you are the ONLY one who can calm her cries (Sorry, Nate, sometimes only mommy will do)!

*Getting really excited that she finally finished a whole bottle...and then minutes later wearing that bottle all over you new, white, clean shirt.

*Being able to tell what she ate by the consistency of her poop.

*Praising God together in church for the first time.

Unknown said...

I too have friend that I have lost children or never got to hold the baby they carried with them, and I have spent many nights praying for those families as I do for yours the many times each night I am up with my little guy. We are so blessed to have him with us even though the doctors told us we would never have children of our own. Once you are home with your little one taking shower and going to the bathroom (alone :) ) will be big feats :)

Momof2bz said...

The first time your beautiful girl sleeps through the night and you wake up a million times "just to check". In the darkness of the night you see the sweet face and hear that soft breath. I often found myself staying just to appreciate the peace and beauty in it. BTW, so many wonderful sentiments here.

ERIN lee said...

Tammy C said...

Without reading the list of what is already posted,My wishes are :

First time you hear Love you Mommy,

Washing Gwyneth's hair and putting it into poneytails,

Baking cookies with her and having tea parties over and over again,

Buying matching tops to wear,

Last thing is making birthday cakes for Daddy,buying Father's day gifts for Daddyand even Christmas presents for Daddy

Had to get you in on this Nathan!!

jamarson1 said...

I went to see Disney on Ice Finding Nemo in Saturday night with the girls, ages 5 and 3, and I hope someday you guys get to endure the excitement of carrying Gweneth through the crowds at the entertainment center (not to mention spending $22 for a Nemo light light) and seeing the excitement on her face during the show. Ps...I don't have a blog so I just wanted to write it here.

jamarson1 said...

I went to see Disney on Ice Finding Nemo in Saturday night with the girls, ages 5 and 3, and I hope someday you guys get to endure the excitement of carrying Gweneth through the crowds at the entertainment center (not to mention spending $22 for a Nemo light light) and seeing the excitement on her face during the show. Ps...I don't have a blog so I just wanted to write it here.

Mary said...

Okay, I finally got our Photo Shoot for Tricia to load.


Proud preemie mom said...

I don't have a blog, so my comment as a preemie mom with a 24 weeker is this:

-seeing your child crawl or walk for the first time after being told it would never happen

-celebrating the first birthday, a milestone you will appreicate beyond belief

-when you've had a frustrating day w/a fussy child, you stop and realize how nice it is to BE frustrated b/c you now consider your child not breakable anymore

-the beautiful sound of even, peaceful breathing on the monitor from lungs that were so immature

-may 11 this year- your first mothers day - priceless

-the first wet, sloppy open mouth kiss

-eating a mushy, half chewed cheerio offered to you - you simply can't refuse (but you learn where to hide them)

-having your face stroked & hair played with & being stared at while you are feeding a bottle

my favorite:

-how you will feel when you bring that carseat in to take gwyneth home: a magical, unforgettable moment that is like prom all over again w/ the picture taking

I can't wait for you to experience all of this & so much more!

Rachael and Travis said...

I've got a list. What mom can resist the invitation to talk about their children?

Jenn said...

Great idea Nate!!! Mine are posted!!

Lizze said...

Here are my wishes for you, Trica:

Annette said...

This was a great idea for all the blog addicts to do :) My comments are on my blog.

Dawn Lampkin said...

My list is done~

Wishing you nothing but the best!

Christy said...

I have a list up and going on my blog. What a great idea. I have wondered if there is anything we can do.
Hugs and prayers,
Christy in KY

lislynn said...

Can't wait to see more pics of Tricia with Gwyneth!

Barbara Metcalf Bella Vista, Arkansas said...

Tossing Gwyneth up over your head and getting a face full of baby barf.

Memorizing Dr. Seusses ABCs.

Taking her to her first day of kindergarten.

Kisses on chubby cheeks, and getting wet baby kisses.

Hearing her say "Mommy hold me."

Asking for a back rub to delay going to sleep. My daughter used to say, "Rub my back lots." When I told her I wasn't going to rub it for a long time, she said, "No, Mom—LOTS—Lightly On The Skin." That became a favorite.

Learning to feed herself. (Patience required.)

Rocking a sweet smelling, freshly bathed baby to sleep at night.

Rocking a sick, not so sweet smelling baby to sleep all night.

Watching your baby girl and her fiance work on writing their wedding vows, and then saying them to each other at their wedding with tears streaming down their faces. (You have to remember that if you cry you won't look good in the pictures)

Watching your baby girl walk down the aisle on her daddy's arm into the arms of a young man you love like your own.

I have a book for both of my children called "The Wit and Wisdom of (Suzanne/Matthew)" to keep a record of cute things they said and did.

Aleesha said...

I'm coming out of hiding to let y'all know that I've posted a list for Tricia. Such fun... and such sweet memories!

Amy said...

Great idea! My list is on my blog... God bless you tonight!

The Posti Family said...

My latest post on my blog is the best ...

Try taking a shower and your four year old coming in the bathroom looking like this!!!

You will have so many great things to look forward to.

North Carolina Mom said...

to be continued...

Jen said...

mine's up --
much love and many prayers for all the Lawrensons tonight~

TheRagan3 said...

this was a great idea. I posted mine on my blog too!


Bonnie said...

The day she says, "I want to ask Jesus in my heart"

Mary Knapp Yahoo said...

No blog so here is my list -
- I wish for you to know what makes Gwyneth laugh and what her laughter sounds like.
- I wish for you the pleasure of having moments of boredom during all her "events" for the next 20 years and beyond!
- I wish for her feet and hands and where her "kissing freckles" are located to be indelibly impressed on your mind
- I wish for you the magic of watching her personality become apparant until you can not imagine her any way other then the way she is
- I wish for you scraped knees and other booboos that need to be "kissed and all better" and nights of snuggling after scary monsters appear
- I wish for you the privilege of watching her grow in her knowledge of the Lord over the years and your finding out how much more she will teach you about God at three then you will ever teach her
- I wish for you lost hairbows and dirty jeans from joyous play and the confirmation of the knowledge that truly her favorite toys for the next several years will be dirt, kitchen stuff and the boxes the expensive toys come in!

Welcome to parenthood Trish & Nate...hard as it is to only gets even better!

Mary Knapp

Anonymous said...

to add a few:when she pats your back when you pick her up.
hearing her speak to Jesus when she thinks she is all alone. hearing her sing.holding her when she scrapes her knee. holding her when some boy breaks her heart. hearing her quote you when she is giving advice to her friends. hearing her say "Jesus loved me enough to die for me and I love him enough to live for him" before she gets baptized. Hearing her say please and thank you without being prompted. seeing her take an unpopular stand because it is right.watching her sleep.

Anonymous said...

Alright - I'm in. I'll post my list for you on my blog too. What a wonderful idea!


CulyQFun said...

Very Sweet. I will work on mine and post it..then let you know so you can read it.

Tumbleweed said...

How about Gwyneth's 1st Christmas, 1st Santa Claus visit, first Tooth Fairy gift, first Easter Egg Hunt, and first word. Also, the first purchase of a Barney or Veggie Tales CD that will get played over and over and over, in the car, every time you head out for errands. Watch out, you will probably find yourself playing the CD, even when you are by yourself, because you have become comfortable listening to it, and you know all the words.

Tricia and Nate- You have so much to experience, and you will treasure each one. And yes, you will find yourself crying at the most ridiculous things, just because they involve Gwyneth.

Allison said...

Here's my list, we are praying for you all!


Unknown said...

You know you can count on me! And its up, at

Susan from Barrie said...

I dont have a blog, so I will post mine here ...

- cold tea and soggy cereal in bed for breakfast
- hearing your little girl asking you if you will pray with her
- reading before bed and snuggling before lights out
- love notes left around the house for you saying "dont fereget how much i love you."
- kissing hands
- crazy mismatched outfits
- pretty princess dresses
- littlest petshop figures all over the house
- "questions like ... do you love me more than all the sand on the beach ... but not as much as God ..."
- going upstairs to peek because it is too quiet and seeing your little girl reading her bible
- sharing the biggest piece of chocolate cake you can imagine.

My Nicole is 7 years old, I find myself saying continuously ... this is my favourite age ... i have LOVED them all, each day i find myself loving her more than the day previous.

Thank you God for the gift of children. They teach us so much about unconditional love.

Praying for the day you can leave the hospital with your wee girl. You are a wonderful example of a mother's love and sacrifice. She is so beautiful.

From one mom to another, God Bless you Tricia.

CulyQFun said...

my list is complete - check it out at:

katy said...

I just found your blog a few days ago and it really made me realize how much I have taken for granted. My baby girl, Kendra, is just four days younger than Gwyneth, but she was born at 38 weeks as opposed to 24.

I really struggled with PPD after she was born and I wish I'd found your blog sooner to help me put this fun yet difficult task of motherhood in perspective. I am praying for your family.

Happy two months, Gwyneth!

Tracy P. said...

This was a fun walk down memory lane. You have so much to look forward to when Gwyneth...
...giggles her head off at you.
...charms everyone in the church nursery and they don't want to give her back.
...reaches out and squeezes her first toy, and takes it from you.
...says "again!" to whatever magic you just did--like reading a book, singing a song or turning her upside down, etc....
...dances with you.
...goes into a boneless tantrum at the play area when you announce that it's time to go.
...takes your face in her hands and pulls you right up to her nose with a big grin.
...sticks a big handful of sand in her mouth, and you, having finally given up the fight, get a great picture of it!
...draws you a "picture" or "writes" you a love note.
...finds the toilet scrubber and decides it would be perfect for scrubbing her back in the tub.
...wants to play Candyland for the umpteenth time this week.
...wants to wear an outfit just like Mom's.
...writes in her Bible just like Mommy.
...goes on a date with you for some cocoa and tells you what's on her mind.
...twirls around the house in her first tutu or princess dress.
...sings her heart out in church with the kids' choir for the first time, and quickly becomes known as the girl with the moves.

Andie said...

This is a wonderful's my link to my list:

Blessings to all the mother's out there...ok, dad's, too! :o)


Kelly said...

I just made my list. I'm praying for all of you every day!

Christy said...

I've put one up, as well. >:0)

To the original poster: Great idea. Very thoughtful and kind. Thanks for the idea.

The Brown family said...

Thanks for the moment of reflection of one of God's greatest gifts...our children. This was alot of fun! My list is ripe for the reading :)

Paige Hinrichs said...

Ok, mine is now posted. Nate, you looked too soon. :) This was a wonderful idea and I see that I do take things for granted.

I can't wait to hear about you 2 experiencing all these things. It is a blast!

Thank you, again, for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

I'm Sanderlou's mom (she posted here earlier) and I also posted on my blog. I also included a list for both your sets of parents as I thought it might be fun to have the grandparent perspective. This is such a great idea. I hope you get to experience all these things people write - and more of your own.

Tamara said...

That was fun.

Of course, we have a boatload o' kids, so I could go on and on.

Violet said...

it's such a great idea. I did mine already. it's not a long list, but just those simple things that don't always feel like fun at the time-until you consider those out there that don't get the same opportunity every day.
love to you all

Chelsea Rae said...

This was a wonderful idea, it really put a lot of things in perspective and helped me change my attitude about a few things. Thank you!

Here is my list

Mandy said...

Tricia and Nate~
Here's my post:

love & prayers,

Anonymous said...

My list is on my blog: Hope you guys enjoy! What a fantastic idea! Praying for all of you.........

~Sara in MD

Mandy said...

P.S. What a GREAT idea. I have really enjoyed reading these, laughing, crying, relating, reminiscing, and totally getting every one. Thatnk you for sharing these! I have been so blessed by so many others.

love, Mandy.

North Carolina Mom said...

I'm done. I cried. I am such a mush ball, you guys really touch me.

Here is the link to my "For Tricia"

Lindsay said...

this is such a great idea. i would love to write tricia a little something like this. although i don't have time at this moment, i will get around to it this week because i am on vacation. so if i could have your permission to post it on my blog, or you just tell me how you want me to do it, i would be honored!!!
thanks nate!!

again, GOD IS GREAT!!!!


Caroline Cordle said...

I've done it on my Blog!

Sherri said...

Nate and Tricia,

Isn't God's timing perfect? Within one day of your wonderful list of things you love to experience with Gwyneth, another mom an ocean away wrote on her blog about the things her son Joshua has experienced here on earth in the short time he has been here (8 weeks)-born around the same time as Gwyneth)because she is having a difficult time with the idea that he will be dying soon and going home. Please keep Joshua and his family in prayer. Mom is wanting to know that her little boy has impacted the world in some way. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could, through posting a comment on her blog, let her know that he has? I know you probably get a lot of prayer requests, but I hope you consider this one if you can, and just post a quick note about Joshua.

This is the first time I have ever posted on your blog, but I want you to know I am praying for sweet Gwenyth. Continued blessings to your family,

Heidi said...

Mine are posted! That was a great idea. It kind of makes me take a break and evaluate myself. I have to remind myself that kids are simply future adults, treat them accordingly. I try to stop and think before I act. How will this (ie spank, yell)make them remember me when they grow up or worse, will they mimic this action or characteristic.
I am glad all of us who don't "know" ya'll are now refered to as mommy bloggers. I was afraid we were all a bunch of stalker weirdos.... Have fun with her!

Michelle Jamie said...

Mine are up!

jackie said...

I can't wait for Tricia to watch Gwyneth be "Daddy's Little Helper" (check our most recent blog post)! Both of you, I can't wait until you can experience a job taking three times as long because Gwyneth is "helping" and she has no idea how you could ever do this alone! She'll feel soooo important :)

Ann said...

I did it here - think of you all often.

Wendy said...

Long time reader, first time commenter...I guess the blog world calls this de-lurking? :) I loved this idea, but I don't have a blog (I only read blogs!) :) So I'm posting here. I have 3 boys (almost 10, 8 and almost 3)...I apologize if some of these are similar to other posts...I tried to stay away from some firsts that have been mentioned...amazing how we all experience the same things with small children! :)

Once you are all HOME: laying her on the floor with the video camera set up and ON, waiting for her to roll over, crawl, smile,wave, etc. AGAIN b/c she JUST did it and you want it on tape....45 minutes later she will do it again....once...when you give up and turn off the camera.

The first time you have to box up her "small" clothes and can't believe she was ever that little.

The first time you hold your toddler and you notice their legs hang to your knees...and realize they aren't a baby anymore.

I'm not sure what the comparison is for mommies with girls...but I will never forget the first time my children smelled like BOYS after playing all day and getting dirty...and the next best thing to this smell is clean boys after a bath.

The first time you watch her play with her will fall in love with Nate even more...I promise.

The first time she wants her toes painted...and YOU will actually be able to do it! (Umm...daddies of 2 year old boys don't appreciate you painting their toes when they ask.) :)LOL!

The first time your almost 3 year old looks at you and says: mommy, you my best fwend...I wuv youuuuu.

And two things I miss: After years of stroking my oldest son's hair at night to help him sleep, I didn't do it one night when he was 6...I just didn't think and really, he was getting older I walked out of the room after kissing him goodnight he said: Uh, mom, what about my hair? :) He is almost 10 now and I'm not allowed to do it anymore...but at 6 he still wanted me to.

And the second thing I miss: my babies. I'm pretty sure this needs no explanation. :)

Please know that another family in Ohio prays for you daily and is inspired by your story.....You are an amazing family.

Sara Cohen said...

I posted my own list on my blog...enjoy!

Kristin said...

I just made my list for Tricia...oh and Nate there is one for you ;)

Bobbi said...

I blogged a list for Tricia, I didn't blog everything I wish for her because I could make that into a book!!!!

Destini said...

I've created my list...

Troy & Sherry said...

what a great reminder and it puts things into husband and i are nearly 7 months pregnant and excited about our new member of the family....when i look at your daughter it amazes me and touched me in a special way since i was 25 weeks when i first found your blog and that is how old she was when she came into this world....what a miracle..your family is our in our thoughts and prayers.

Kristi said...

Tricia, Nate, and Gwyneth:
I don't even *know* you but I love you so much. I pray for you everyday and praise the Lord for all the great miracles he is performing in your daily lives.
Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. It is truly a blessing to watch.

Here is my list for you both:
(All of these have happened to me)

Hearing her yell at the sky, "I love you God! Thank you for making EVERYTHING!" just so she knows that God can hear her praise.

Drinking half your bottle of water before realizing that she has backwashed in it. (This is much better than drinking that same bottle that Nate backwashed in. Heehee)

Her slobbery kisses that are so wet your face drips, but you wouldn't dream of wiping off.

When she squeezes in between the both of you as you are hugging/kissing/cuddling because she wants it, too.

Head banging to Christian Rock.

The first art she creates "just for you".

I agree with the others that hearing her say "I love you, Mommy/Daddy" is the BEST. I can't wait for the both of you to hear it.

Love you,

Carmen said...

Nate I think this was a great ideal. I have my list for Tricia on my blog. It's kinda sad to do this when your children are grown... You and Tricia have so much to look forward to.

Jennifer Burgett said...

Here is a short list for Tricia:

Anonymous said...

My daughter passed away 15 months ago and here is what I miss the most: her huge smile first thing in the morning, kissing little baby toes and singing out of tune watching her smile with delight.

Candy said...

Fabulous idea. Here's mine

Alisha said...

OK, so here's my list. Just to warn you I read it over and found a lot of 'potty humor'. Guess those are the memorable ones that stand out to me =)

Kerry said...

I posted my list this morning on my blog.

I have never posted here before, but your family remains in my heart and in my daily prayers.

Eden said...

I can't wait for you & Tricia both to have 1) your precious little baby spit up IN your mouth 2) have baby spit up on the back of your shirt, and wander around all day wondering what that smell is. (convinced that you've just smelled so much of the stuff that EVERYTHING now smells like baby spit up)

Risha said...

Great idea...thoughts of Tricia have come to my mind many times over the past several months. My list is up on my blog!

Christie said...

Here's my list:

Renay said...

My list is up:-)

Be blessed!

the higgins' said...

My list is up...

amanda said...

love this..

here's mine - i truly could have written all day!!

Tracy said...

I have done my list for Tricia. I have never commented before, but came here via another site when Gwyneth was about a week old. Todays post moved me to comment and to add to my blog. I have cousins with Cystic Fibrosis, so this is a subject very close to my heart. I check your website every day and pray for all 3 of you continuously. Tricia really inspires me how she is able to keep going through everything, but most off all I am inspired by you. How you are being so supportive and positive through all the good and the bad. I am sure you have your bad days and times, but what really shines through is your amazing love for your two girls and what an incredible man you are. Well done! Well, after that novel, I will end off. I may or may not comment again, but would like you to know that me and my family are all praying for you here in SOuth Africa!

gmomof7 said...

I don't have a blog(yet) being a mom to 7(14-4) I have a few to add

-how nice it is to here how well behaved your kids are(after you just spent the morning yelling at these perfect for others children)

-how about when they walk right by you to the other parent to console them

-or when a boy calls to take your daughter to church, lunch and to his house, the whole time being with parents a 3 little brothers(this started when my daughter was 8 or 9)His mom and I went to church when we were younger.

sb said...

I'm posting mine! What a wonderful idea!


Memories Come First said...

Nate & Tricia - I've done my list. What fun this was! Sometimes I thinks it's wonderful to sit and reflect of the wonders that God has given us in the form of our children. Thank you for this reminder!

Julie said...

I can't wait for Tricia to have a conversation like this with Gwyneth:

I see 3 year old Sydney pulling her stool up to the kitchen counter with a spoon and begin eating frosting out of a large bowl left over from her birthday.

Me: "Sydney, it's not healthy to eat frosting out of a bowl with a spoon."

Sydney: (after a long thoughtful pause) "How about a fork?"

Other things that have acutally happened:
-Having her use roll on powder and roll it all over her mouth and face.

-Having her stamp every single last inch of skin on her legs using stamping markers - which took weeks to come completely off.

-Having a scared almost 4 year old crawl into bed with you at 4 am with three stuffed animals as big as she is - and spending the rest of the night hanging off the edge of the bed so Mickey Mouse and Curious George have enough room.

-The joy of sloppy kisses, sweet hugs, and hearing her first prayer!

God bless you as you experience all these things and more!

Sydney 3 1/2
Isabelle 7 months

Julie Miles said...

Ok, I just posted my list. This is fun and I managed to not cry as I made my list! I had a miscarriage with my first baby and now I've got a 7 month old (TODAY) little boy with only half a heart who has had 2 heart surgeries and has one more still to go. I do my best not to take a single day for granted because, by the grace of my Heavenly Father, Ethan is my little miracle baby!

Julie Miles

sillyhappymom said...

this is the first time i have posted (i have been reading since just after Gwyneths birth)
im not good at this so please forgive me if this doesnt make cence or lots of spelling mistakes
i was laying in bed this morning at 430 thinking about the 3 of you and what i should post
God has blassed me with 3 kids
and i could go on about the list for Tricia and Nate (what a great idea)
so here is my list

*having to run out the store that is open 24 hr because you have run out of diapers

* having to change a dirty diaper after just putting a new one on her

*getting your first homemade mother's/father gift

*putting Gwyneth down for a nap hoping to get a few mins to go to the washroom alone

*watching veggie tale so much you could song along with all the songs

*tasting baby food to make sure it is not too hot

*enjoying a shower together and Gwyneth holding on so tight around your neck

*falling asleep in the babys room during a night time feeding and waking up to Gwyneth staring at you

*letting Gwyneth come into your bed because she was sracred

*feeling a cold foot on your back because Gwyneth crawled into bed with you

*feeling butterfly kisses

*looking over all the pics and see what God has dont

*hearing Gwyneth sing Jesus love you for the first time

*taking her to sunday school first the time

*having to leave church because she is upset and when you get there just a hug from you makes everything all better

i know you both are great parents
i cry at ever pic and video
your blog is the first thing i look at after i turn on the pc
when my mom comes over the first thing i show her is how you are doing

My 8 1/2 yr daughter loves looking at your pics and videos
when she seen the webkins pics she took her webkins and thought wow she is small
she prays for you as well
i have always said to my family that when God takes me home PLEASE donate my organs
and after reading your blog i have told them if i was to go home any time soon to contact Duke to see if i match tricia so all your dreams come true
huge hugs
our prayer are with you all
your friends in Christ from Ontario, Canada

Emily said...

I just had the opportunity to add my list to my blog. Tricia, I can't wait for you to have all these experiences in the near future. I will continue to pray for your future with your sweet daughter. You guys are never far from my thoughts! This was such a great idea Nate!!!

Tricia said...

I am going to do one right now! Being a mommy is great...can't wait to experience all the fun!

Tricia Knapp

Alison said...

Hi Nate and Tricia,

I am posting a few things for you to look forward to on my blog also.

thanks for the inspiration

beccajane said...

This is such a great idea. I do hope that you enjoy reading through everyones well-wishes for you! Here are mine:

Anonymous said...

heres my list for tricia, im a lurker for a while but i just couldnt resist creating a list for her. much love and prayers

Julie Miles said...

I just added one more thing to my list - Tricia (& Nate!) I can't wait for you to experience...

- getting to create your own list one day after getting to have your own experiences with Gwyneth Rose!

Praying continuously!

Julie Miles

Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Throw This Mom a Bone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said... many moments Tricia! but...I can't wait for you to experience...

1. Dressing Gwyneth up for some occasion (pictures, Easter, whatever) and she'll decide she really didn't want to eat ALL that much, and give some back to you...

2. Gwyneth's first day of school - what a mix of emotions - happy, sad, proud, and you have to hold them all in as you put her on the bus!

3. Her wonder at the simple things in life you take for granted - her close inspection of a flower in your garden as if it were a strange and exotic plant never before seen on earth.

4. Her hugging you back - wow...indecribable - the love is tangible!

5. Being silly with Gwyneth - making up nonsense rhymes, then giggling together like a couple of little kids.

6. Having an imaginary tea party with imaginary friends :)

7. I can't wait for you to experience God through Gwyneth - He has spoken to me SO many times through my daughter - it's just so amazing :-D

8. I can't wait for you to have a 'normal' conversation with her - not a baby one, but when she is capable of communicating - oh, the things she will say! :-D

9. I can't wait for you to hear Nate fret over the "guys" that are hurting his little girl (real or imagined - I know where they get "papa bear" from!) My hubby got very upset when my daughter was 3 (yes, THREE) because our neighbor's little boy wanted to go home with the other BOYS after the fireworks - my daughter, being overly tired, excited, etc...cried "But..but...I LOVE Logie!!! *sob*" it broke his heart LOL - even though she was fine as soon as she had a good night's sleep LOL!! (He actually went and had a little chat with our neighbor!!!- don't worry, no blood was shed *grins*)

Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Throw This Mom a Bone said...

I posted my list...what a great idea!

Julie D. said...

for tricia:

*being her favorite person in the world

*wet, open mouth baby kisses

*her first day of preschool, with cute pic-tails, and back-pack

*falling asleep on your shoulder

*listening to her pray

*watching her play with other kids

*seeing the joy in all the simple things

Gretchen said...

Thank you for making me remember how blessed I am. I've added my list at

Matt Millard said...

I have loved reading these. I just posted mine here:


Darcy said...

I posted mine here:
Thanks for the reminder of what we really do appreciate.

houseofeling said...

so inspiring! Got mine up and praying for you!

Lauren said...

Sorry it took me a little while to this. My babies have been sick, but I really wanted to do this.
Ya'll find a way to inspire everyday!

thesixburghmom said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I posted mine. I'm a first time commenter (and I've only been reading your blog for 24

Many Blessings.

Thodgson said...

Tricia, I can't wait for you to:

Put her in the car seat for the first time. (I triple checked the 5points)

See the powder clouds coming from the changing table as Dad changes her.

listen to her tiny breath as she nestles up to your neck.

watch her discover toes!! It is so so much fun!

the shoe shows, as she dances in her princess shoes and yours and wants you to play dress up too!

So many things, I'll be waiting to hear all about them :0)

Leslie said...

Mine list is up. I kept nodding, thinking, "yeah, that too!" as I read some of the others. Being a mom is such a blessing!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, it took me all day to be able to stop to do this....only because we have been busy.

I pray that your days as parents will be filled with such fun adventures. I hope you enjoy ours. Check them out if you can.

Hannah1981 said...

I've done one on my blog:

Pam O'Brien said...

Actually, this is more a post "For Nate" on being a daddy. I'm preparing my heart to say goodbye for now to my dad who'll soon go to his heavenly home. I love being a mom, and could probably write a very long list about the joys of raising a daughter to adulthood, but being a daughter to a hero of a daddy is what is pressing on me these days.
Visit here for my list on Being a Daughter.
Some day, I trust Gwyneth will have such moments with both her mommy and daddy to ponder in her heart.
Hugs, Pam
(And I saw the latest post about a possible infection... joining you, and so many, in prayer.)

Sarah said...

For Tricia...

A New Life said...

I wrote a list for Tricia. :-)

Many Blessings!

McMommy said...

Hope you enjoy my list for you!

Blankenship Babbles said...

For Tricia...

Matt Pfingsten said... is my list. I hope it brings you guys a smile. Keep your chins up!

Anonymous said...

Here are some, in no particular order/

The first smile.
Watching them try to roll over for the first time.
The wonder in their eyes and they discover their hands and feet for the first time.
The first bath in the big tub and after realizing that you are more wet than they are!
Watching them sleep.
Listening to them babble over the monitor.
Those first steps.
Watching them crawl.
The first "belly laugh" and all of them after that.
Changing their diaper and having them poop in your hand.

Having them puke in your lap, during church, on Mother's Day!

Falling asleep with them in the recliner after the 2am feeding, the 5am feeding, etc, etc...

My list could go on and on.
You are in our prayers, get your pen and paper ready to start your list!!


Unknown said...

I'm late to the post, but loved the idea. So here is my post:

This has been a great way for me to reflect on those special moments you are blessed with as a parent.

Thank you for the inspiration.