Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Blog

I've begun a new blog. I've been creating a few websites for some photographer friends of mine, and I was inspired. Mine is basically just for fun.




ImNuts4Pugs said...

I think your photo skills are really good if you've had no formal training. I've commented before about your Pug and thanks for sharing those pictures. People that have never owned one don't "get it", but they are THE BEST dogs you can own, and I've owned many others. Just something different about them. Does yours tilt it's head when you talk to it and run those crazy 8 circles?

Tricia said...

Very cool!! You have a great eye!!

mary40 said...

Very nice pictures,I enjoy looking at them, please keep adding to you new blog.
Malette in ND

r i c h c o l e m a n said...

who would those photographer buddies be? any news on the website?

Heather said...

Beautiful pictures, I'm going to bookmark this one. Thanks!