Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great Strides 101

I've had several people ask me some specific and general questions about Great Strides. As always you can learn a lot more a lot faster by doing your own research (Click Here), but here is some info off the top of my head.

> If there is not a walk near you, you can Contact CFF and offer to help organize a walk for your community. This is what Tricia and I did a few years ago...I'll tell you more about that story later today.

> If you're planning on attending a walk, I highly recommend that you pre-register online. This will help CFF know that you're coming, and it will give you access to a lot of helpful info and resources if you're wanting to raise money and involve others.

> Most "walks" are only a few miles or even less (and, you don't even have to walk if you come). Great Strides is different than some other big name fundraisers in that you don't ask people to donate per mile, but to simply donate any amount possible. The goal of the day (and the process) is to raise moneys and awareness about CF and to have fun doing it. All of the walks I have participated in involve a whole lot more than just the actual walking part.

> Anybody can register online, even children (although I suggest with the help of a parent). Raising funds can be as easy as sending out an email.

> If you're registering to walk, you may use our names and story and web links and even call us your "friends" on your Great Strides home page and/or t-shirts etc. if you think it will help you raise funds and awareness. You may even name your team in honor of Tricia and/or Gwyneth (a few people asked about this). Just don't be a crazy stalker person.

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Stephanie said...

If you're in the Salt Lake City area and looking for the Great Strides Walk, we'd love for you to join our team. It's Team Porter in honor of our nephew, Porter; he also has CF.
Most of our team are avid readers of your blog, Nathan. We appreciate your honesty and your willingness to share your story. You help us have even more hope for Porter! Thanks, and God Bless!

rthling said...

What if I AM a crazy stalker person and still want to walk? JUST KIDDING!!! Nate, prayers going up for you and your "girls." Tricia, hang in there, sweetie. I don't know you personally, but through your blog and Nate's, I feel like you could be a sister. (other than in the Lord, obviously!) I linked your blog on mine. I'm assuming that's okay, because you said we could.

BloggyMom said...

We did a small community (actual church) walk last year... we raised $500. It got the attention of our neighbors-- awesome!!!

We are not doing a walk this year... we are spending the year "educating". That is what we are best at... my "CF hubby" is an awesome CF educator.

Good luck on the walk!!! God bless!!